I was diagnosed with advanced cervical adenocarcinoma last November. Stage 3 cancer. My whole life changed in an instant as I was faced with everything that comes along with that news. I had to essentially prepare for the ultimate fight of my life. I endured 10 weeks of chemotherapy coupled with 7 weeks of external radiation in addition to 4 surgeries and 3 blood transfusions prior to the final targeted internal radiation last March. I am still standing.

I am a single mom to a beautiful son juggling a career living in LA working in NY. I have always had a lifelong passion with fitness and in more recent years found my love of boxing. Throughout my treatment, I was motivated to continue to teach our kids boxing and work out as my body would permit. It was heartbreak when I finally reached a point where I could no longer do either.

I am happy to share that I am well on my way to recovery and am currently cancer free. I am gaining back my strength with each day and officially am back to working out and teaching again. Although I am not in remission I have my fingers crossed to get back positive results from my final scan. This experience has given me clarity of what I fight for. I wake up each morning feeling grateful for one more day. I am motivated and inspired by the people that are in my life supporting me. They are worth my fight.

SOURCE: https://societynine.com/blogs/society-nine-storytellers/tina-choe-i-am-still-standing