To keep progressing in life (in all areas) it’s important to develop a growth mindset and to live your life from this point of view. Research shows that people who are successful in life look at things in a different way than less successful people do, namely in possibilities and opportunities.


People with a static (fixed) mindset often believe that something is just the way it is, that’s how it is, and nothing more. They don’t see any improvement possible in themselves or they say that they can’t change or improve skills because: that’s just who they are.


While the opposite is true, NOTHING in life is set in stone. People with a growth mindset see certain points such as natural ability and personal circumstances as a starting point from where they can further develop themselves by working hard. They also have the skill to separate the actions they take, from who they are. Can’t get the job done the first time? No problem, that does not immediately lower their self-esteem. They look at what went wrong, what points they can improve, take new actions and continue to work.

You can learn and develop a growth mindset. This will take time and dedication, but in the end you will get huge benefit and value in return. Two important points that I can give you when developing a growth mindset is that it is important to focus on a process, and notthe end results. Skills you develop and experiences you gain during a process are way more valuable than just achieving the end results.

In addition, you should never let your self-esteem depend on the performance you provide. Do you succeed? Great! Be proud, but never get arrogant. Something doesn’t work the first time around? Too bad, but this does not make you a lesser person. Adjust, and keep going until you get the job done. Take an honest look at yourself and write down in which areas you have a growth mindset and also write down in which areas you think rather static. By writing this down you will have a better sight and clear view at your improvement points to develop yourself faster.

Video Credits: Positive Revolution


I just suck at this (static). What can I do to get better? (growth)

I might as well quit, I keep failing (static). I can try another strategy. (growth)

This is just too hard (static). This may take some time, but I will finish it! (growth)

This is just who I am, being athletic is just not in our family (static). This may not come naturally to me, but I am going to keep training and putting in work. (growth)


Write it down, adjust, and keep practicing this every day!