We have begun the production of Soft Fist Martial Arts course with Sifu Roberto Sharpe. Sifu Sharpe has a wonderful positive energy that is incredibly infectious, and we can't wait to be able to share his wisdom and knowledge with all of you next month.

His course will consists of several elements, here is just a short outline of some of the things you can expect to learn:

  • Basic stances, breathing exercises and conditioning drills.
  • Tai Chi form, demonstration and follow along.
  • Various elements from Tai Chi form that is applied in practice, against opponent - how to use that which you learn!
  • Push hands, sticky hands, traditional kung fu conditioning drills and much more!

We will also make sure to share the incredible wisdom that this wonderful being has to offer. In the few filming sessions that we have done so far for his course, we have learned so much about Martial Arts, especially the soft fist arts, and how it applies to life.

Once again, we are very excited and can't wait to share his knowledge with you, we hope to have his course available for enrollment before June 15th.

In the meantime, here are some stills from some of the lessons that you will see: