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  Lesson 9 - Footwork, Sliding

I was introduced to sliding footwork in my Taekwondo days. Nobody really taught it explicitly, it was more of a technique that would be thrown in or shown when executing kicks during sparring drills/sessions. I instantly fell in love with it for several reasons:

  • First, it is extremely mobile and explosive. You can propel your body large distance (same or even more than a shuffle) in a fraction of a second and be in a perfect position to throw kicks immediately following the slide!
  • Furthermore, you can control how much friction the foot that is sliding exhibits towards the surface that you slide on. In other words - you can cut your sliding step short at any point! This is extremely useful if you notice that your opponent is planning to intercept you. No other footwork technique (as far as I know) has this ability.
  • It is extremely deceptive! Adding kicks to sliding steps (which we will learn later) turns them into extremely difficult to judge technique (when it comes to sense of distance). Your opponent will feel safe since they thing they are far enough away from you, but simple sliding step combined with a kick will cause their judgement to falter.