Join Our team - Become one of our skilled, passionate Martial Arts Instructors!

We now accept applications for new Martial Arts Instructors. Here are just some of he benefits of becoming part of our team:

  1. We film, edit, produce and manage the lessons for your course at NO COST TO YOU.
  2. We help you with setting up course structure, if needed, and provide tips for best practices in terms of course curriculum.
  3. Our courses are subscription based, meaning you will receive revenue for each student enrolled for as long as they are enrolled (we share revenue 50/50 split).
  4. Communicate and engage with your students through our system by answering their comments in your course.
  5. Our growing team of Affiliate Marketers will work on bringing new students to your course (if you want to be part of the program, we do offer 10% of course price to our affiliates).

Aside from the ones mentioned above there are other benefits, like paid marketing and advertising that we do on our end, training and knowledge sharing on how to best run your social media channels, we also offer to be involved and help in managing your social media platforms.

We will provide you with Marketing material, for example the sample videos for your lessons that you can share with your network to drive traffic to your course

What if I am not from USA?

- No worries, if you are selected then we will travel to you, or bring you to us, whichever is more cost-effective. The only requirement is for you to be able to communicate the concepts of your system in English, but if you can read and understand this article thoroughly then that should not be a problem.


"Say no more, where do I sign up!"

To apply to be one of our Martial Arts Instructors follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign Up on this website
  2. Click on your icon (top right corner) to open your user menu and select "Contact" option.
  3. Write us an email with heading "Application for Martial Arts Instructor". Make sure to include in the email the name of your art, how many years you have practiced it and any links that you have of your network (for example Facebook page, Instagram, etc.). Having a network will make it easier for you to get students but it is not a mandatory requirement.