Mace Training for Strength and Conditioning (Instant Full Access)

Gain grip strength and conditioning using an ancient (and awesome!) tool of training!

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The Mace is a unique, unconventional training tool designed to improve your grip and core strength. This is especially relevant for athletes who require good grip and core strength. It also makes the training sessions a whole lot more interesting and fun as opposed to conventional training tools.
What you will learn:

  • Learn how to properly use this amazing tool of training while minimizing possibilities of injury - swing it out of the park!
  • Learn the traditional techniques of Mace swinging and use them in Mace competitions worldwide!
  • Follow Mr Maceman in 3 follow-along workouts available at the end of the course - put it all together!
  • Learn how to educate others on mace swinging all the while looking awesome swinging the mace into the sunset!


You will get a Mace Training Manual E-BOOK with every purchase, FREE!


Your Instructor

Rik Brown
Rik Brown

Rik Brown (Mr. Maceman) is an internationally known unconventional trainer specializing in Mace Training.

He travels the world teaching Mace seminars and is known as the leader of Mace Training in the USA.

His passion for the Mace training is unrivaled which inspired many around the world to start their Mace journeys.

Join the growing community of Mace fans by enrolling in Mr Maceman's Online Course to get the basics down of how to train using the mace as well as engage in follow-along workouts with the legend himself!

In addition, this version of Mace training Course will give you INSTANT FULL ACCESS to all and any videos of the curriculum. Since you are already familiar with weight training, this will allow you to cut to the chase.


See what some of the course students had to say about it:

"I have been taking @mrmaceman Rik Brown's Mace Training for Strength and Conditioning. I should have done this a year ago.. I have learned much so far and I'm only starting the course. Among the new things I have learned are sliders and how to actually perform mills, bullwhips safely and with intention.

I am grateful to be learning from Mr.Maceman himself. I know its not live but his organic comfort and fluency with the material lends to an easy flow of information. There is something about this guy's manner, who is kind of the father of mace in the western world, that appeals to me and others in a fatherly way. Sort of like the cool uncle Rik to all of us 80's kids who are now swinging the mace. I thank you sir for your influence.

So, far I have learned some very important cues and insight into mistakes I have made. The sum of some of these errors has contributed to injury. The mace showed me who's boss. I had it coming. I was being impetuous. However, that is the past and I am here now and all things are as they should be.
" - Ian Thom

"Rik does a really good job of taking everyone, no matter what background, through the basics to the point of doing 360s and 10 to 2s like a champ. I'd recommend anyone going when you can. It's a must course!"

- Bill Sorenson

"Highest caliber trainer and Mace training coach I've worked with. Absolutely positive experience receiving training and coaching with Rik is exceptional with safety and a standard in protocol for progression this is the way to learn from Rik all about the Mace!!"

- Valerie Pawlowski

"Fantastic course. Rik clearly has a passion for what he does. He is a great speaker and his love for the mace really comes across WITHOUT selling it as the one tool to fix all ails which really impressed me."

- Kyle Russell

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Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts immediately following enrollment. It will end when you reach the final lesson of the course, each Lesson Block will be unlocked weekly.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you maintain your subscription - across any and all devices you own.
How does the course work?
Just like in an academic curriculum, your course is divided into weekly sections. Each section contains lessons that you should review and practice that week. Each lesson also contains homework assignments which you should complete before next week section unlocks. Each weekly section, or course block, unlocks 1 week after the last one. So for example, week 1 lessons are available immediately upon enrollment. Week 2 lessons will become available 7 days after your enrollment, week 3 lessons will become available 14 days and so on. Do not rush, make sure you understand the material and you practiced it enough before moving on to the next lesson or section.
What if I have a question?
Excellent! Our instructors LOVE questions, it tells them you are interested and passionate about the topic. You can also ask questions right there under the lesson and your Instructor will answer your questions for you.
Is there a Certificate?
Yes, at the end of the course you will have a Course Quiz where we ask you to submit a link to a video of you showing what you have learned. Mr Maceman will review the video and upon approval will issue you our digital Certificate of Completion.

Enough waiting, get yourself in shape with the help of the Mace right now!