• 2 Times World Kettlebell Champion will teach you how to use this unique and ageless tool to improve your strength, core and conditioning.
  • Many martial artists neglect their strength and conditioning training, Bruce Lee knew the importance of this and was extremely adamant to make sure that he was in top shape to support any techniques in battle. Kettlebell can help you do the same.
  • This unique tool is simple to store, you can purchase it almost anywhere, and anyone can learn how to properly use it their benefit. It is FUNCTIONAL training, not just weight lifting
  • The course consists of 33 Lessons for individual techniques and drills, and 3 Follow-Along Circuit Workouts, each aimed at specific aspect like Strength, Core and Conditioning.


Did you know that Bruce Lee used Kettlebells for his strength and conditioning training?


$19.9/m Includes 7 day FREE trial!

Your Instructor

Eric Doyle
Eric Doyle

Eric has decades of experience in fitness field, he is the owner of the Long Beach Kettlebell Club in California, founder of Unconventional Athlete and Kettlebell Sport 2x World Champion. His knowledge of Kettlebells is unparalleled, he trains MMA fighters, sports athletes and anyone interested in learning how to utilize this powerful training tool to its full potential.

Video Testimony from Rik Brown - Mr Maceman

One Arm Clean - a FREE Lesson!

We are very confident in the quality of instruction that Eric brings in this course, here is a free lesson for you to sample on what you will get access to once you enroll in the course.


$19.9/m Includes 7 day FREE trial!

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts immediately following enrollment. It will end when you reach the final lesson of the course, each Lesson Block will be unlocked weekly.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you maintain your subscription - across any and all devices you own.
What if I have a question?
Excellent! Our instructors LOVE questions, it tells them you are interested and passionate about the topic. You can also ask questions right there under the lesson and your Instructor will answer your questions for you.
How does the course work?
Just like in an academic curriculum, your course is divided into weekly sections. Each section contains lessons that you should review and practice that week. Each lesson also contains homework assignments which you should complete before next week section unlocks. Each weekly section, or course block, unlocks 1 week after the last one. So for example, week 1 lessons are available immediately upon enrollment. Week 2 lessons will become available 7 days after your enrollment, week 3 lessons will become available 14 days and so on. Do not rush, make sure you understand the material and you practiced it enough before moving on to the next lesson or section.

What are you waiting for? Experience the functional strength that Kettlebell training can bring for you now!


$19.9/m Includes 7 day FREE trial!