Almost everyone knows the saying “carpe diem”, which translates to “seize the day”. How often do you do it though? When was the last time you put aside all your fears, worries and concerns and just grabbed life by the reins?

Life is the NOW. Most of us get caught up in the day-to-day life or let our worries and troubles stop us from being present in the NOW.

It’s time to stop telling yourself you’ll do it later, tomorrow, or someday. It is entirely up to us to take each moment and make it count.

Starting martial arts is a great way to start!

1) It encourages you to live in the moment

We always hear “Today is called a present” because every new moment we have is life’s gift to us”. The harsh truth is that we all have an expiration date, which why we need to use our time to the fullest extent, to truly live.

Martial arts will teach you to focus on what’s happening in each present moment. When someone is trying to punch or kick you, you need to be in the moment or it will be too late!

2) It breaks the bad habit of making excuses

When you practice martial arts, you’ll notice that excuses take you further away from your goals.

In order to make progress, you have to do what challenges you, getting you out of your comfort zone – be it grappling with someone, or tackling a new technique. Instead of telling yourself that you’re not good enough, you’ll learn to shut out that inner voice and seize the moment. And even if you don’t succeed that time, you’ll be glad that you made the decision to just go for it.

3) It gives you the courage to punch fear in the face

Courage cannot exist without fear. We find the strength in the scariest moments. You won’t hesitate to take action and chase those dreams.

4) It builds your self-confidence

With progress in your martial arts journey, your confidence will grow with every little success you have on the mat. The more confident you get, the less you’ll second guess yourself.

5) It teaches you to give your all in everything you do

We believe that once you know that you’ve given everything you’ve got; you can say that you’ve seized the day. When you refuse to settle for anything beneath your capabilities, you’ll not only unleash your potential, but also grab every opportunity that crosses your path.

6) It gives you the strength to break your limits

Once you’re able to go beyond your limits regularly, you’ll realize that there’s nothing you aren’t capable of doing. This would make you to dream big, and plan to fulfill those dreams. The best part?You’ll learn to enjoy the process and embrace every step of your journey in the present.